Data centers

Building data centers is a modern way of constructing industrial buildings.

The demands set are high, and there are many parameters to take in consideration when building data centers. A terrific sense for details and an ability to work well together with other installers makes Nylén Byggnads AB a great partner for realizing new data centers.

As a construction contractor on a data center project, Nylén Byggnads AB is very flexible and can offer services such as leveling floors, hole punching, doors, concrete works, sandwich panel montage and steel construction.

Nylén Byggnads AB is there for you right from the start of your projects, and stays by your side all the way to the end.

Apart from building new data centers, we also do minor reconstructions in already up and running establishments. We know what we are doing when it comes to safety and safety regulations concerning these kinds of projects.

If you have any questions surrounding the creation of a new data center, or if you’re thinking of reworking an existing one, please contact us for more information concerning our services.

Construction organizations

Nylén Byggnads AB is a member of Stockholm’s Byggmästareförening, and authorized according to BKR


Kim Kalström
Kim KalströmConstruction service
+4670-767 18 48
Johan Boberg
Johan BobergSupervisor, Project
+4670-900 76 7
Henrik Nylén
Henrik NylénCEO & calculation
+4670-752 32 37
Thomas Lund
Thomas LundPurchasing & Planning
+4673-982 60 47

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